Life Insurance with

Living Benefits Pays!

  • Pays- If You Die

  • Pays- Terminal Illness

  • Pays- Chronic Illness

  • Pays- Critical Illness

Pays Tax-Free Money

  • Major Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Invasive Cancer

  • Major organ transplant

  • End-stage renal failure

  • Coma

  • And More

Money That Can Be used For ANYTHING!

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A Living Benefit Story

Today’s Life Insurance is not only affordable, but now includes living benefits at no cost! Living Benefits entitles the policy-owner with a lump sum of cash if they were to encounter

  • Major Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Invasive Cancer

  • Major organ transplant

  • End-stage renal failure

  • Coma and etc.

Many individuals are not aware of how likely they will encounter a chronic or critical illness later in life… Here's some crazy Statistics

  • 47% of men will deal with a chronic illness later in life

  • 58% of women will deal with a chronic illness later in life

  • 70% of people over age 65 will require care in their life.

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Cory Levine

"My Wife Died at 37 Leaving Me To Raise 2 Boys Alone! Living Benefits May Have Saved Her Life

I Know the How Important Life Insurance With living Benefits is To Protect your Family! "

What Is Life Insurance With Living Benefits?

You have been lied to, despite what you might have heard elsewhere, the truth is
Not all life insurance is created Equally!

Every individual is unique in their various needs and the situations they currently face so it is impossible that ALL life insurance is right for everyone and I will not sit here and pretend otherwise.

Self-centered individuals in the insurance business will try to make you believe this but I can tell you they are saying this with their commissions at heart not you and your family’s well being.

What I Learned The Hard Way

What I can tell you is that generally, whether you are married or not, if you have children and are the income earner whose family is depending on the income you make to get through everyday life, then you need to protect your family! Family dynamic does not matter.

Then the value of a mother should not need explaining! A woman being able to be with and care for your children and provide them with the same comforts and lifestyle is of the utmost importance!

Imagine something happened to your children's other parent! Would you be able to raise them alone and still make the same income that you did prior to their loss?

If you are married or divorced should not matter. You're our children's other parent must be insured for at least the same amount as the husband if not double your income!

No matter the family dynamic, life insurance with living benefits is definitely a fit for you.

Why Living Benefits Help! If You Get Sick!

Do you want a "get well" card from your life insurance company if you have a heart attack or are diagnosed with cancer or do you want a CHECK ?

If you also have debt in your name then you know that the bills need to be paid whether you are healthy or not! ! Having life insurance with living benefits is not only a great idea, but it is also the the only option to have in place so that you can pay the rent or mortgage, car payments, kids activities. Just because you get sick does not mean that life has to stop for your family! You will have new expenses that are needed like in home care, for nurses, nanny's and doctor bills!

1. It can replace the lost income that your spouse and kids were depending on you to provide

2. It provides mortgage protection to prevent the loss of your family’s home

  1. 3. Keep the kids is the activities they are used to

4. Make sure your cars ae paid for

However, life insurance with living benefits will accelerate the death benefit in the policy to you and your loved ones in the event that you fall seriously ill with a heart attack, stroke, mental illness or even if you are involved in a serious accident. So that if you are unable to work, your family can still access the money they need to pay for your medical expenses as well as their day-to-day expenses so that they are able to sustain their own lives. In essence, for the first time you don’t actually have to die to get access to the money in your life insurance policy, and even if you do pass away your family will still be paid the funds they need to support themselves.If you would like to mitigate the financial risks and vulnerability your loved ones will experience if you are unable to provide the income they rely on due to a serious illness or death, then life insurance with living benefits is the fundamental financial protection to have in place.

What Will happen to your Family, If You die!

If you also have debt in your name, the the responsibility to pay those bills transfer to our support system, which will transfer to someone else on your passing then having life insurance with living benefits is not only a great idea, but it is also the the only option to have in place so that someone else is not left burdened with the debt you took on. 

1. It can help to pay for your children’s future educational expenses

2. It can help your loved ones pay off any debts that might fall to them on your death

3. It can cover your funeral expenses, removing the financial burden from the shoulders of your family.

You might be wondering exactly what life insurance with living benefits is. We’ve all heard of general life insurance, a financial product that will pay your family a large sum of cash if you were to pass away, the large sum is called a death benefit.

Life Insurance With Living benefits Makes All the Diferance !

If My Family Had Living Benefits Maybe We Wouldn't Have Struggled When My Wife Got Sick

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Top 2 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying Life Insurance With Living Benefits

Buying life insurance from a website is one of the biggest mistakes I see breadwinners making when purchasing life insurance. The needs of you and your family’s specific situation are unique, there is no one size fits all solution which can be made for your family through a general website.

Think about it for a second, these are the funds your family will be depending on if something unthinkable happens to you. Making an impulsive purchase over the internet is very irresponsible and not befitting of your character.

As the key provider in your family it is vital that you speak with a specialist who makes  you feel heard, who is willing to sit and attentively listen to your concerns and explain everything clearly to you from every possible angle. All in an effort to get you and your family the safety net which leaves you and your loved ones in the most financially secure position possible.

Speaking about specialists, that brings me to the second mistake you must avoid. With the livelihood of your family at stake you can never be too careful about who you trust with this sensitive task. It is of utmost importance that you speak with an independent life insurance specialist and not a captive life insurance agent. 

Here’s what the captive life insurance agent DOES NOT want you to know:

1. He works with only one company and…

2. No matter the specific needs of your family he must provide you with the coverage his company


3. Even if these products are subpar compared to competing products he can only offer you these


4. He is motivated by increasing sales and quotas, having to report directly to sales managers from the

carrier directly.

The better option for you will always be the Independent Life Insurance Specialist. This is an expert who works with multiple different companies so that you are able to receive a plan tailored specifically for you and your family’s requirements.

The independent life insurance specialist will be able to provide a more customized service, analyzing your specific needs and living situation in order to find the best possible coverage at the best possible price for you and your family.

Independent Life insurance specialists such as myself work for you and that can make all the difference! Remember the ultimate goal of having life insurance in place is to properly protect your family so that no matter what you know that your spouse and kids’ future is financially secure!

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A Closer Look At Life Insurance With Living Benefits

Did you ever think “Is life insurance even worth it, what if I live a long life and never reap the benefits of my policy?”

I am glad you’ve been thinking about this because the living benefits of life insurance will allow you to access cash while you are still living.

Yes, while you are still alive and kicking you can still receive a cash advance from your policy… if you have the right type of policy in place…here’s what that might look like:

A quality life insurance policy will accelerate up to 95% of the death benefit to you and your loved ones while you are alive. The policy should contain a minimum of 18 health factors which would trigger the cash advance. You should also be able to choose if there will be money left over as a smaller death benefit to cover your final expenses if you do not survive the critical or chronic illness.

Do me a favor, ask yourself if you got ill, and could not work for an extended period of time due to a heart attack, stroke, cancer or got in a serious accident, would your life insurance carrier send you a check or a get well card?”

This is the only question you need to ask yourself if you want to determine if you have an inferior type of life insurance policy. And the truth is, if you you wouldn’t be getting a check for a portion of your death benefit, then you probably have an inferior type of life insurance.

This is a common and unfortunate theme I see among the 100’s of families I have been able to help. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case with you, when you click the button below you will have the chance to apply for a customized life insurance plan, by answering a 60 second survey.

You will then have the chance to book an appointment to speak with myself where you and your family’s requirements will be adequately assessed so that you receive the coverage you and your family deserves.

Having the right type of insurance and applying the right living benefit triggers can be the difference between thinking and knowing you are properly protecting yourself and your family. Speaking to a qualified licensed life insurance specialist will make all the difference in the plan you put in place! It is easy for a captive life insurance agent to pick 1 type of policy and one death benefit, that way they can be on to the next client.

But the love you have for your spouse and children is so great, that it does not constitute easy and quick. Your plan to protect yourself and your family should combine the needs and benefits of different types of policies, essentially stacking the benefits and qualities of each type. As well as providing a financially affordable option to maximize you and your family’s coverage in every aspect!

So click the button below and take advantage of a customized family protection plan which 100’s of other breadwinners have gotten for their families across the nation. Afterall, the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

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