Discover the Wealth Secrets of the IUL

Build a Compound Interest Tax Free Retirement Account

With an IUL...

  • You pay ZERO taxes on growth or principal. Ever. (This is 100% legal if your TFWP account is set up correctly, and structured according to the current IRS tax code.)

  • Your Money is GUARANTEED not to reduce in value due to stock market fluctuations. . (Lock in gains when the market is up, but suffer NO loss when the market is down-Average historical returns of 7-9% annually)

  • This is so big it bears repeating... Your Account is GUARANTEED not to go backwards. When the market goes up, your savings go up with it, but when the market goes down, you suffer NO loss whatsoever. IUL's have a floor of ZERO

  • Your money is Liquid, you function as your own personal bank (Take money out any time you want – for any reason –– No taxes & No penalties. It's none of their business, WHILE 100% of your money continues to earn interest.)

  • You are NOT required to report income to the IRS, Ever. (The IRS doesn’t classify “income” as “income” inside this kind of account)

  • Automatic bonus that gains interest on interest

And there are many more wonderful fiscal things you can do with an account like this... But...

With a Fully Taxed 401(k):

  • You pay taxes on growth(the minute you withdraw)

  • Your growth & principal is not guaranteed (most 401(k)s rise & fall in lockstep, with the market)

  • Your money is not liquid (early withdrawals are penalized and taxed up to 25%)

  • The Market goes down, so does you retirement funds

With a Roth IRA:

  • You don't pay taxes on growth, but...

  • You can only deposit $6,000 /yr

  • Growth & principal isn’t guaranteed - like most 401(k)s

  • Not liquid (20% early withdrawal taxes & penalty)



TFRA's (Tax-Free Retirement Accounts)

Why hasn’t my financial advisor ever told me about this?

Reason 1: Most financial advisors don’t know accounts like TFRAs exist - nor, how to properly structure one to be legally tax-free for the account holder.

Reason 2: Most financial advisors recommend financial vehicles their company tells them to recommend. And as a result, less than 0.07% of Americans have what I call a tax-free "TFRA" account — while more than half the population has a taxable 401(k) or “contribution-limited” Roth IRA.

Is It “Too Good To Be True,” You Ask?

Nope. It's very real.

In fact, an Account like an IUL is not a new investment strategy.

Accounts like these have been used by wealthy individuals and families for over 100 years to build, then pass on fortunes in a legally tax-free environment.

Ever been to Disneyland? Did you know Walt Disney’s visionary idea almost never came to fruition?

When Walt was looking for funding for his dream park everyone thought he was crazy and that it would never work… he leveraged everything including his personal home to make it a reality…

In the end, it was this same account he leveraged that gave him the liquidity he needed to make it a reality.

Hilary and Bill Clinton Have 5 of these accounts.

President John F. Kennedy had an account like this.

So did Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding, and FDR (FDR, in fact, held a large portion of his estate—$562,142 or over $7 million in today's dollars—inside his account...)

Even John McCain used his account to fund his electoral campaign back in '08.

And of course we wouldn't expect for Joe Biden not to have several accounts just like this to use as a tax shelter!

The only question is... Why not you?

Do You Qualify For A Tax-Free Wealth Plan?

A IUL- Tax Free Retirement account is NOT available just to the super-rich and government officials.

However: an account like this can only be technically set up if you or your family qualify for it.

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